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Quick Install
1. Install the coweb modules into your local maven repository.
cd servers/java
mvn install
2. Generate your own coweb application from an archetype.
cd /path/to/my/project
mvn archetype:generate
3. Change the defaults for the generated project as desired.
Maven Modules
Optional coweb session administration. (in development)
Pure Java client. (in development, not currently finished)
Archetype for creating your own coweb webapp.
Contains interfaces for building your own bot.
Contains the latest stable release copy of the coweb framework JavaScript.
Coweb server infrastructure.
Coweb Java operation engine implementation.
The WAR output of the coweb-build maven module can be easily imported into an Eclipse/WTP
1) Ensure step 1 of the Quick Install has been performed.
2) Open Eclipse and via File->Import perform a "Web->War File" import of the
"coweb-build-x.x.war" found in the "coweb/servers/java/coweb-build/target" directory.
3) Add the Web Project to a WTP Server instance. If this is a Servlet 3.0 runtime
ensure that
<!--async-supported>true</async-supported> -->
is uncommented in the projects web.xml.
4) Start the WTP Server instance and access the sample code via
(Assumes the name context root used for the web project is "/coweb-test")
5) In the browsers console you should see coweb status updates logged.
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