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This project is actively maintained

It is part of the ODK 2.0 Android tools suite.

ODK Survey is a data collection application based upon HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Instructions on how to use Survey can be found here.

The developer wiki (including release notes) and issues tracker are located under the opendatakit project.

The Google group for software engineering questions is: opendatakit-developers@

Setting up your environment

General instructions for setting up an ODK 2.0 environment can be found at our DevEnv Setup wiki page

Install Android Studio and the SDK.

This project depends on ODK's androidlibrary and androidcommon projects; their binaries will be downloaded automatically fom our maven repository during the build phase. If you wish to modify them yourself, you must clone them into the same parent directory as survey. You directory stucture should resemble the following:

    |-- odk

        |-- androidcommon

        |-- androidlibrary

        |-- survey
  • Note that this only applies if you are modifying the library projects. If you use the maven dependencies (the default option), the projects will not show up in your directory.

ODK Core MUST be installed on your device, whether by installing the APK or by cloning the project and deploying it. ODK Tables and ODK Sync also integrate well with ODK Survey, but are not required.

Now you should be ready to build.

Building the project

Open the Survey project in Android Studio. Select Build->Make Project to build the app.


Be sure to install ODK Core onto your device before attempting to run Survey.

Source tree information

Quick description of the content in the root folder:

|-- survey_app     -- Source tree for Java components

    |-- src

        |-- main

            |-- res     -- Source tree for Android resources

            |-- java

                |-- org

                    |-- opendatakit

                        |-- survey

                            |-- android     -- The most relevant Java code lives here
        |-- androidTest    -- Source tree for Android implementation tests
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