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This is a list of adopters of OpenFaaS

Further resources

Adopters list (alphabetical)

  • BT - BT are using OpenFaaS to enable collaboration between data-scientists and developers. The teams are going from 3-years to build and deliver a PoC, to 3 months. See: KubeCon video

  • BulletProof - Bulletproof are using OpenFaaS to build an on demand and scalable Vulnerability Scanning (VA) engine. Using OpenFaaS allows us to use compute resource efficiently yet maintain the ability to grow to meet customer scanning demands. We also like the ability to use pure docker containers to compose multiple scanning tools with different technologies into a single, coherent interface. This has reduced the time need to add new tools to the platform.

  • Citrix - Citrix built out a closed-source multi-tenant functions platform and UI using OpenFaaS. It is used for testing hardware devices and for automated QA testing.

  • Civo - Civo Cloud provide a 1-click Kubernetes marketplace application for OpenFaaS

  • Contiamo - data-science platform hosting jupyter notebooks and functions for multiple tenants.

  • DigitalOcean - DigitalOcean provide a one-click droplet and a 1-click Kubernetes marketplace application for OpenFaaS

  • Dim Solution - "Dim Solution is using OpenFaaS in production"

  • Dragonchain - "At Dragonchain, we focus on creating a hybrid blockchain-as-a-service product, with integrations of OpenFaaS as our 'smart contract' platform, to be able to automatically run customer code based on interactions that occur on the blockchain. This allows us to be extremely flexible, as customers only have to create a docker container and give it to us in order to create a 'smart contract' which can have deep integrations with our blockchain itself.". Blog: Dragonchain & OpenFaaS

  • GalaxyCard - "GalaxyCard is a happy user of OpenFaaS"

  • GMO Internet

  • Iconscout - e-commerce site for stock photography and icons. OpenFaaS is used to resize images and to bundle assets for customers.

  • Infotechpartners

  • Intraffic - "Using OpenFaaS for integration and callable AI/ML models for asset management."

  • LivePerson - LivePerson extended their chat platform by allowing customers to write functions to execute in client chat flows. See KubeCon video

  • MoneyLion

  • Naamio - "Naamio are providing an event-based serverless API to developers to enable rapid development of decentralized applications on the cloud. By providing progressive enhancement within the developer tools, OpenFaaS has enabled Naamio to go from clustered Docker container deployments with REST APIs using Kubernetes, to load balanced deployable functions over an open event queue interface. It was key to enabling a standard multilingual development kit across cloud providers."

  • Nexylan - "We are a French professional hoster that use OpenFaaS in dev and production inside our private extranet. We use OpenFaaS to split our historic monolith project and then simplify development/maintainability and speed up development times."

  • NGC

  • Pentium Network

  • Press Association - Press Association is using OpenFaaS in development and production as part of our deployment pipeline.

  • Transmute Industries - "At Transmute we use OpenFaaS to develop identity and access integrations leveraging decentralized identities that integrate with legacy IAM systems. OpenFaaS helps Transmute and our customers avoid vendor lock in, encourages modularity, and helps us rapidly develop and release integrations for customers."

  • Traversals - At Traversals, we use OpenFaaS for processing of incoming data. We take benefit from various programming languages available in OpenFaaS.

  • UStore - "We're using OpenFaaS in production"

  • Vision Banco SAECA - self-service home banking portal and asynchronous report/PDF generation. See: KubeCon Video

  • Virality

  • VMware - used in "veba" VMware Event Broker Applicance to extend vSphere by adding event functionality. OpenFaaS functions and the vcenter-connector are used as an appliance. CAS / vRA8 - The Cloud Automation Services product has an option to deploy "FaaS on-premises", this actually deploys OpenFaaS white-boxed / white-labelled. CAS Write-up from Swisscom

  • - portable functions that can run on any hardware, indexed through blockchain.

  • Ytel - Ytel are a Google Cloud customer and deployed OpenFaaS vs. the vendor alternative due to its wide range of templates, Dockerfile support and easier access to services within the VPC. The Dockerfile template allowed for easy migration of existing code. The latency of transactions for customers during purchase process was reduced by offloading synchronous code to NATS which is built into OpenFaaS. OpenFaaS also allowed "hot path" code to be refactored from large services into multiple functions, to take advantage of horizontal scaling.

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