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  • Bundler compatibility and bundler gem tasks - 72d551945f9577bf5d0e516c673c648791b0e795
  • register_namespace_alias for AX message - aeaf050d21aeb681a220758f1cc61b9086f73152
  • Fixed JRuby (1.9 mode) incompatibilty - 40baed6cf7326025058a131c2b76047345618539
  • Added UI extension support - a276a63d68639e985c1f327cf817489ccc5f9a17
  • Add attr_reader for setup_url on SetupNeededResponse - 75a7e98005542ede6db3fc7f1fc551e0a2ca044a
  • Encode form inputs - c9e9b5b52f8a23df3159c2387b6330d5df40f35b
  • Fixed cleanup AR associations whose expiry is past, not upcoming - 2265179a6d5c8b51ccc741180db46b618dd3caf9
  • Fixed issue with Memcache store and Dalli - ef84bf73da9c99c67b0632252bf0349e2360cbc7
  • Improvements to ActiveRecordStore's gc rake task - 847e19bf60a6b8163c1e0d2e96dbd805c64e2880
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