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Read more about TakeNode here. If you want to develop your own version of TakeNode then you're welcome to use this repository.

Installation and configuration

This is a PHP application that can be run on a standard LAMP or LEMP stack. The minimum required PHP version is 7.1.0 or higher.

  • Create a database and execute db/schema.sql to create the required database table
  • Copy config/config-example.php to config/config.php
  • Fill in your desired time zone
  • Fill in your database credentials
  • Fill in the BASE_URL of your application

That's all. You should be able to run the application.

For building the assets we use CodeKit.

SimpleSAMLphp and Signicat

The "Verified by Yivi" option in Step 2 depends on a SimpleSAMLphp application that is used to receive a user's identity via Signicat. If you wish to provide this to your users you have to contact Signicat to set this up. Alternatively you can take this option out or replace it with a different identity provider.


The code is licensed under a GNU GPLv3 license.

The TakeNode logo is licensed under a CC BY NC 4.0 license.

The conditions for using the background images in assets/backgroundimages can be found in the links below: