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Open DSD Notifications

A node.js app providing San Diego data to, allowing anyone to stay informed about nearby events:

  • building development permits
  • code enforcement activity

Docs about the San Diego Development Services Department (DSD), the data available, and access points, can be found here.


  1. Install Node and npm
  2. Clone this repository.
  3. Enter the local repository directory, and run npm install

Running the server locally

  1. From the local repo, run node app.js
  2. In your browser, browse to

Deploying the server

  1. Install Heroku CLI.
  2. Run heroku git:clone -a sd-notifications
  3. Enter the sd-notifications directory. This is a git repository, with remote heroku.
  4. Run git clone -f upstream to add your remote
  5. Run git merge upstream/master, to merge the latest open-dsd code to the heroku master branch.
  6. Run git push to update the heroku remote.
  7. Browse to to verify the server.

How to Participate


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