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Knative v0.5.0 on an OpenShift cluster

IMPORTANT: The functionality introduced by Knative on an OpenShift cluster (OCP) is preview only. Red Hat support is not provided, and this release should not be used in a production environment.

NOTE: This release includes upstream Knative Serving v0.5.1, Knative Eventing v0.5.0 and Knative Build v0.5.0.


IMPORTANT: You will need cluster administrator privileges to install and use Knative on an OpenShift cluster.

Supported platform versions

NOTE: This Knative on OpenShift preview is only available by using the OpenShift 4.0 developer preview. You will require a Red Hat Developers login to try this. Visit for getting started information.

IMPORTANT: Installation requires the OpenShift version 4.1.0-rc.0 installer located here. Later versions of the installer are not compatible with the Istio version included with this release.

Platform Supported versions
OpenShift 4.0 Developer Preview

NOTE: Long-running clusters are not supported in this release.

Installing Knative v0.5.0 on an OpenShift cluster using the script provided

  1. Login to the cluster using your admin credentials.

    oc login <admin-credentials>

  2. Clone the knative-operators repository.

   git clone
   cd knative-operators/
   git fetch --tags  
   git checkout openshift-v0.5.0      
  1. Navigate to the newly cloned repository and run the script.


NOTE: The script can time-out waiting for the Istio operator to complete, and you may receive an ERROR: Timed out message. If the script fails to install Istio, run the script again after it times out.

  1. Once the script starts, you will see the following warning and prompt.
   WARNING: This script will attempt to install Istio, Knative, and OLM in your Kubernetes/OpenShift cluster.
   If targeting OpenShift, a recent version of 'oc' should be available in your PATH. Otherwise, 'kubectl' will be used.

   Pass -q to disable this prompt
   Enter to continue or Ctrl-C to exit:

  1. Press Enter to continue.

Post-installation tasks

Allowing external access to Knative services for OCP 4.x

Creating an OpenShift Route pointing to the istio-ingressgateway for each of your Knative Service.

NOTE: The install script sets privileges for a specific namespace. Results are different when using a namespace other than "myproject". If the user wants to use the install script in another namespace, it needs to be called out.

  1. Create a route by using the oc expose command.
oc expose svc istio-ingressgateway --hostname=<servicename>.<projectname>.<openshiftdomain> --name=<servicename> -n istio-system

For example, if the following inputs are used:

  • knative service name: helloworld
  • project: my project
  • cluster wildcard domain:

the oc command would be:

oc expose svc istio-ingressgateway --name=helloworld -n istio-system
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