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This is a set of scripts for building OpenSlide for Windows, including all of its dependencies, using MinGW-w64.

Cross-compiling from Linux

You will need:

  • MinGW-w64 gcc and g++ for the target architecture (i686 or x86_64)
  • NASM
  • OpenJDK
  • Apache Ant
  • CMake
  • gettext utility programs
  • glib2 utility programs
  • Native gcc and binutils for your build platform


./ bdist

Building natively on Windows

One-time setup

  1. Install a JDK.

  2. Install Cygwin, accepting the default set of packages. Make note of the location of the installer EXE.

  3. Launch a Cygwin shell and navigate to the openslide-winbuild directory.

  4. Execute:

    ./ setup /path/to/cygwin/setup.exe


./ bdist

Note that cross-compiling is much faster than compiling natively.


The build will fail if the path to the openslide-winbuild directory contains spaces.

If the build randomly fails complaining that fork() failed due to a DLL address mismatch, follow the instructions here.

Substitute Sources

To override the source tree used to build a package, create a top-level directory named override and place the substitute source tree in a subdirectory named after the package's shortname. A list of shortnames can be obtained by running with no arguments. Subcommands


Configure Cygwin environment. Only useful on Windows. The path to Cygwin's setup.exe must be specified as an argument.


Build Zip file containing build system and sources for OpenSlide and all dependencies.


Build Zip file containing binaries of OpenSlide and all dependencies.


Delete build and binary directories, but not downloaded tarballs. If one or more package shortnames is specified, delete only the build artifacts for those packages in the specified bitness.


Check for new releases of software packages.


These must be specified before the subcommand.


Parallel build with the specified parallelism.


Select 32-bit or 64-bit build (default: 32).


Set package version string in Zip file names to pkgver.


Append suffix to the OpenSlide version string.


MinGW-w64 build script for OpenSlide and its dependencies on Windows



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