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Beginners Guide to OPEN SOURCE Design via Victory Brown's page
design open source
Victory Brown

Repost from Victory Brown's Hashnode blog page. Victory Brown is an Open Source Design Community member Victory Brown about what it's like to begin contributing to Open Source as a designer for the first time with advice, tips and tricks on how to make that experience successful.

An inspirational quote from the article at the end is one that most, if not all open source designer can share:

"For someone who had never heard of open source until recently, I've found it to be quite addictive, it's my desire to have more designers join the community, improve and develop the open source space.

The open source community is waiting for what design initiatives can impact the entire software industry. The open source community is waiting for design minds like you. The future is not just Open, the future is Design."

View the article on Victory Brown's here