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0.6 [In Progress]
* Update to OpenSSL 1.0.2a
0.5 [Mar 29, 2012]
* Breaking change: SSL API has been moved to its own namespace.
* Bug fixes reported on sourceforge.
* Adding Elliptic Curve support.
* Conversion of tests to NUnit.
0.5-rc2 [Feb 26, 2012]
* Updating linux and osx native libraries to version 1.0.0g
* Working around a few 64-bit issues found on Linux under Mono.
0.5-rc1 [Apr 14, 2011]
* Updating OpenSSL native library to version 1.0.0d
* Using Visual Studio 2010 project files
(I don't have the old versions of VS installed anymore)
* Removing EVP_md2(), the native library no longer includes this by default
0.4.4 [Jan 18, 2010]
* Added support for i2d_X509_bio() which allows for writing X509
certificates in DER format.
0.4.3 [Oct 23, 2009]
* Added support for PKCS12_create().
0.4.2 [Oct 23, 2009]
* Replacing the prebuilt binaries for libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll with
ones that come directly from the openssl source. This should fix
problems people are finding in the wild, but it will also require
them to install the MSVC 2008 CRT first.
0.4.1 [Sep 9, 2009]
* Including prebuilt binaries to libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll that are
statically linked to the CRT instead of depending on the DLL CRT.
This should resolve the DllNotFoundException at startup.
0.4 [Aug 26, 2009]
* Thanks to Ben Henderson for contributing the wrapper for the SSL API!
* Lots of bug fixes mostly concerning memory management.
* Refactored the Base class to deal with memory mangement better.
* Default project build now produces assemblies specifically targetted for
the x86 architecture, which works around issues with using the native
DLL on 64-bit machines.
* Lots more XML comments/docs (no more compiler warnings!)
* Changes to namespace on most classes so it's easier to navigate them.
* Added unit tests for X509Certificate and CryptoKey (many more to go)
* Support for CE has been dropped due to lack of testing. Will add again
once I have the ability to test it again.
* Added HMAC wrapper.
0.3.2 [Jun 01, 2008]
* Added wrapper and test for EVP_BytesToKey().
0.3.1 [May 11, 2008]
* Thanks to Christoph Scrauth for helping me find and fix a few bugs.
0.3 [Jan 02, 2008]
* Added RAND wrapper and tests.
* Added RSA wrapper and tests.
* Added a couple more commands to openssl+.exe (genrsa, rsa)
* Added comments to all publicly facing interfaces.
0.2 [Dec 20, 2007]
* Fixed callbacks to use __cdecl instead of the default of __stdcall.
* Added SHA tests.
* Added DH tests.
* Upgraded the DSA wrapper.
* Upgraded the DH wrapper.
0.1 [Apr 21, 2007]
* Initial public release