Security Role for OpenStack-Ansible
andymcc Revert "Revert "Retire openstack-ansible-security""
Now that stable/pike has been released we can re-retire the
openstack-ansible-security role.
NB the .gitreview file has remained in place, so that future stable
releases will be successful.

This reverts commit fe39a30.

Change-Id: I1137ca951de2fba3b692c2c77b2030d9b0bd10eb
Latest commit d7f838d Sep 13, 2017

This project is no longer maintained.

The contents of this repository are still available in the Git source code management system. To see the contents of this repository before it reached its end of life, please check out the previous commit with "git checkout HEAD^1".

This project has been replaced by ansible-hardening.

For any further questions, please email or join #openstack-ansible on Freenode.