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Prepare addresses of Slovenia for import into OpenStreetMap

See Slovenia Address Import project description in OpenStreetMap wiki. Do NOT import anything until the process is defined and approved by community!

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  1. Register as user at, wait for the email with the password, login
  2. Run GNU make in this folder (requires wget and go (>1.10))
  3. When prompted enter your credentials (they can be saved for later reuse)
  4. Wait a minute or two for processing to finish.

To manually download the data you should

  1. Register as user at, wait for the email with the password, login
  2. Expand section "10. Register prostorskih enot" / "10. Register of Spatial Units"
  3. Download the data "Prostorske enote" / "Spatial units" -> RPE_PE.ZIP and put it in the data/downloaded folder
  4. Download the data "Ulice" / "Streets" -> RPE_PUL.ZIP and put it in the data/downloaded folder
  5. Download the data "Hišne številke" / "House numbers" -> RPE_PE.ZIP and put it in the data/downloaded folder

Technical info

Encoding in source shapefiles is Windows-1250 (CP1250 in iconv), result is UTF8

Source shapefile structure is described in RPE_struktura.pdf (only in Slovenian so far)

Dataset source

Data can be obtained from Geodetska uprava Republike Slovenije - under CreativeCommons attribution license - CC-BY 2.5, attribution details in General_terms.pdf (or slovene preberi_me.pdf).


  1. GNU Make, bash, wget... (normal linux stuff)
  2. GoLang 1.10 or later (program is optimized as a Go learning exercise)

Similar import projects


  • Use buffered channels + goroutines for concurrent processing when reading shapefile
  • Split into smaller files by areas (municipalities/občine, cities/naselja)
  • Travis CI, with badges etc
  • add golang gometalinter golangci-lint DONE
  • use OSM conflator source code to prepare .osc files
  • create taginfo.json
  • add taginfo.json to taginfo-projects - PR#65 - DONE
  • Find & expand abbreviated names (eg "Moravci v Slov. goricah", "Pristava pri Polh. Gradcu"). Done, see overrides folder. (Q: Add a tag with original, shortened value, like short_name?)
  • Convert bilingual postcode names "Piran - Pirano" -> "Piran / Pirano", keeping "Šmarje - Sap", "Ljubljana - Šmartno"...