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Settings for symbols, the spatial reference of your postgis tables, coastline shapefiles directory, and their prefix names.
<!-- use 'symbols' unless you have moved the symbols directory -->
<!ENTITY symbols "%(symbols)s">
<!-- use the '&srs900913;' entity if you have called osm2pgsql without special flags (or with -m); use '&srs4326;' if you have used -l -->
<!ENTITY osm2pgsql_projection "&srs%(epsg)s;">
<!-- used for 'node in way' ST_DWithin spatial operations -->
<!-- Use 0.1 (meters) when your database is in 900913 -->
<!-- Use 0.000001 (degrees) when your database is in 4326 -->
<!ENTITY dwithin_900913 "0.1">
<!ENTITY dwithin_4326 "0.00001">
<!ENTITY dwithin_node_way "&dwithin_%(epsg)s;">
<!-- use 'world_boundaries', which is the usual naming for the local folder the coastline shapefiles are unzipped into -->
<!ENTITY world_boundaries "%(world_boundaries)s">
<!-- use 'planet_osm' unless you have customized your database table prefix using the osm2pgsql 'prefix' flag -->
<!ENTITY prefix "%(prefix)s">