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OpenTopography Facility

  • Opal-Toolkit

    Opal is a toolkit for that enables rapid deployment of scientific applications as Web services

    JavaScript 2 5 0 0 Updated May 2, 2019
  • myHadoop

    myHadoop is a simple system for end-users to provision Hadoop instances on traditional supercomputing resources, without requiring any root privileges. Users may use myHadoop to configure and instantiate Hadoop on the fly via regular batch scripts.

    Shell 0 3 0 0 Updated Aug 3, 2015
  • points2grid

    Points2Grid is a robust and scalable tool for gridding LIDAR point cloud data to generate Digital Elevation Models (DEM). Points2Grid uses a local gridding method to compute grid cell elevation using a neighborhood defined around each cell based on a search radius provided by the user.

    C++ 16 42 0 0 Updated Apr 22, 2014

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