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OpenWrt Routing Packages
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Merge pull request #84 from dangowrt/master

bmx6: fix json.h include
latest commit 5eec1474fd
@axn axn authored
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ahcpd Add SPDX license tags
alfred alfred: bump version to 2014.4.0
babel-pinger babel-pinger: fix typo in Makefile
babeld Add SPDX license tags
babels babels: add SPDX tag
batctl batctl: upgrade package to latest release 2014.4.0
batman-adv batman-adv: upgrade package to latest release 2014.4.0
batmand Add SPDX license tags
bird-openwrt [bird-openwrt] Add documentation file. Remove OSPF and filters config…
bird bird: add lightweight client support
bmx6 bmx6: fix json.h include
hnetd hnetd: Disabling localservice from default dnsmasq configuration. In …
luci-app-bmx6 Add SPDX license tags
mcproxy mcproxy: uci config improvements and fixes
minimalist-pcproxy minimalist-pcproxy: Update to github HEAD.
miniupnpd miniupnpd: bump to latest, fix enabled-check in hotplug script
mrd6 Add SPDX license tags
nat46 nat46: fix compilation with newer kernels (thx to Andrew Yourtchenko)
ndppd Add SPDX license tags
nodogsplash nodogsplash: simplify append_config_option
ohybridproxy ohybridproxy: Update to latest.
olsrd olsrd: increasing package version after merging pull request
quagga Fix Quagga vtysh build against readline 6.3
smcroute smcroute: Use correct file name in conffiles.
MAINTAINERS Maintainers: Update Simons email address
README Change feed name in Readme from openwrt-routing to routing because fe…


This is an OpenWrt package feed containing community maintained routing packages.

To use these packages, add the following line to the feeds.conf
in the OpenWrt buildroot:

  src-git routing git://
Update the feed:

  ./scripts/feeds update routing
Activate the package:

  ./scripts/feeds install -a -p routing
The routing packages should now appear in menuconfig.

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