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This release contains full support for MicroProfile 2.2. We also have a few new
enhancements and bug and performances fixes. For a summary of the APIs supported by this release of Helidon see Supported Apis.


  • MicroProfile OpenTracing 1.3.1 826
  • MicroProfile REST Client 1.2.1 407
  • MicroProfile Health 2.0 835
  • WebServer: Access log support 800 837
  • Early Access: WebServer: Support for HTTP/2 negotiation with TLS/APLN 807
  • Config: credentials support added to git config 810
  • Early Access: support for the Oracle Universal Connection Pool 777
  • Early Access: JPA/JTA: Support analog to extended persistence contexts 639


  • WebServer: Return a 400 response for a request with an invalid URL 796
  • WebServer: Changes to content length optimization to handle flushes 783
  • WebServer: Refine content length support 795
  • Upgrade Jersey to 2.29 813
  • Upgrade jackson databind to 2.9.9 797
  • Enable Netty autoread only after completing a response 823
  • Tracing: add Tracing configuration module 809
  • Tracing: Fix constant sampler name for Jaeger 828
  • Tracing: IDCS Role mapper: calls to IDCS not associated with the call 794
  • Config: Enable support of application.yaml use case in data source injection extensions 847
  • Config: Correct traversal logic for MpConfig when acquiring configuration property names 845
  • MicroProfile Config: MpConfig will never include Helidon Config property names in the return value of getPropertyNames() 844
  • Update examples and tests to use microprofile-2.2 bundle 843