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Validator Registration

Validator candidates may register to be elected as a Validator using OrbsValidatorsRegistry Ethereum Contract.
An Orbs Validator is identified and voted for by her Ethereum address.

This document walks you through the Validator registration process using the MyCrypto desktop wallet application. Any wallet software may be used and the choice of MyCrypto here is for illustration only.

A Validator registration requires the following data:

  • Validator name and website URL
  • IP Address of the Orbs node
  • An Orbs node public address
    • The Orbs node addressing scheme is similar to Ethereum.

Note: A Validator may update her registration data at any time or leave the registry.


Registration pre-requirements

  • MyCrypto desktop app (or another similar wallet software)
  • A wallet configured with your Validator's Ethereum account keys and a positive Ether balance for Ethereum transaction gas payment
  • Registration data (see above)
  • ABI and contract address, available below in the Registration steps or on Etherscan


Registration steps

In order to register a Validator with OrbsValidatorsRegistry contract follow these steps:

  1. Verify you are on the correct network - Ethereum Mainnet (See Choosing the relevant Ethereum Network)

  2. Navigate to Contracts, under the Interact tab.

  3. Select an existing custom contact and enter the OrbsValidatorsRegistry contract address.

    OrbsValidatorsRegistry Contract Address: 0x56a6895fd37f358c17cbb3f14a864ea5fe871f0a

    The contract address and ABI are also available on Etherscan.

    Paste the address in the Contract Address box.

  4. Enter the OrbsValidatorsRegistry contract ABI.

    Registration Interface ABI:


    Alternatively, the ABI may be extracted directly from Etherscan, Contract ABI box.

    Paste the ABI in the ABI / JSON Interface box.

  5. Click Access.

    • If the Access button appears disabled, make sure there are no trailing line feeds at the bottom of the ABI / JSON Interface text box.
  6. Select register in the drop down list Read / Write Contract The function parameters for the register call will appear in the form.

  7. Fill the fields labeled name, ipAddress, website, OrbsAddress with your Validator's registration data.

    • OrbsAddress must be formatted as a valid Ethereum address type.

    • IP address must first be converted to a hexadecimal number representation:

      • The hexadecimal number representation begins with 0x followed by 8 hexadecimal digits, two for each byte in the IP address. for example: will be formatted 0xd83acf2e.
      • Several online tools can perform the conversion. Here is one example with screen shots:

      Paste your Orbs node's IP address in the text box and click Convert to Hex!

      Copy the hexadecimal number representation contained within the parentheses. Don't forget to include the prefix 0x

  8. Choose one of the options under How would you like to access your wallet? and provide your wallet information/credentials. In this example we choose to work with a HW Ledger:

    Proceed to Choose Address.

  9. Select your Validator's Ethereum address. The address you choose will be the Validator's identification for voting later on. Make sure the account has a positive Ether balance for transaction fees. Then click Unlock.

  10. Uncheck Automatically Calculate Gas Limit and adjust the Gas Limit as required. 500,000 should be more than enough (at the time this is being written a successful registration uses ~174000 gas). You will not be charged for unused gas. Please update the Gas Price to a reasonable value, for example according to Click Write, then Sign Transaction Click Send Transaction Review, then click Send

  11. Once the transaction is sent, MyCrypto will provide a link to track the transaction status on Etherscan. Navigate to Etherscan by clicking Verify (Etherscan)

  12. Confirm the transaction has been accepted successfully.

    Make sure you see

    TxReceipt Status:Success With sufficient block confirmations.

  13. Review your registration data by calling getValidatorData() with your Ethereum address.

  • The IP Address and Orbs public address must be unique among the different Validators. An attempt to register a Validator with an IP address or Orbs address identical to another registered Validator, will fail the registration.
  • To make changes to your registration repeat using the update() function instead of register().
  • To to be removed from the Validators Registry, use the leave() function.
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