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[Suggestion] Downlods Object #30

ragtek opened this Issue · 1 comment

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There is no download Object in this project, so i've created my own:

class Github_Api_Download extends Github_Api{

public function getDownloads($repo, $username){
$string = 'repos/'.urlencode($username).'/'.urlencode($repo).'/downloads';
$response = $this->get($string);

return $response;


When i run this, i'm getting only

Server Error HTTP 401: Unauthorized

it should be possible to get this without authentication, because if i use the url in the browser, it's working!

Also i've tested my authentication, and it's working, because all the actions which require the authentication(e.g. create new repo,etc..) are working fine

Anybody can help me?:)


The target repository is a public repository ?

Because all public repository are reachable. curl

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