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Oryxcoin Masternode Cold Windows - Hot Linux Wallet Install Guide


  • 10,000 ORYX coins
  • VPS Server with root access runing Ubuntu 16.04 x64 operation with the following minimum specs:
    • 1GHZ CPU Core
    • 1GB of ram
  • Windows computer with a ssh client installed ( is recommended )

Setting up the collateral address

We are going to start with the collateral address setup so we can get all the confirmations needed to start the masternode, till we finish the rest of the setup.

Step 1 - Create new receiving address

Go to File > Receiving Addresses menu on the top-left and click on New Address button. In here give it a name, we will call it masternode1 and click the Ok button.

Step 2 - Send 10,000 OryxCoin Coins

Go to the Send tab and copy paste the address created earlier in the Pay to input ( the label will be automatically set to the name you gave it in Step 1), type in the Amount input exactly 10000.00000000. Now double check all the inputs and click on the Send button in order to send the 10,000 coins to your masternodes collateral address.

Setting up the VPS

Log intro your VPS using or any other ssh client you have as root and type the following commands:

wget ""

After the script finished it will output a line that you will need to save in order to finish the setup.

The output will look like this:

masternode1 <IP>:<PORT> <Masternode private key> <TX> <INDEX>

Configure and start Masternode

Let's first check if our transaction has at least 10 confirmations. You can do this by going to the Transactions Tab and just hover over the left icon of the transaction. If it has 10 confirmations you can continue, if not just wait a little longer for it to have at least 10.

Step 1 - Get the tx and index

In the wallets top menu, go to Help and select Debug window. Type in there masternode outputs and you will receive something in the following format:

  "75PvpMAfpweLLpyvZ5QidffsFAWYRMeiFgVs4NUYkna6hV4Vq" : "1"

This output translates to the following:

  "tx" : "index"

Now grab your tx and index and save it near the line you got from the install script on the VPS.

Step 2 - Masternode config

Open the masternode configuration file directly from the wallet by going to Tools > Open Masternode Configuration File. Open this with notepad on windows of textedit on mac.

Now enter the following line you saved from the VPS install script, on a single line that should look like this:

masternode1 <IP>:<PORT> <Masternode private key> <TX> <INDEX>

And replace the and with the ones you got from the previous step

Save the masternode configuration file and restart your wallet.

Step 3 - Start masternode

Click on the Masternodes > My Masternodes tab, select your masternode and click Start alias. You should now receive a message Masternode has started successfully .

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