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Indiana Josef
You are an ambitious robot that decided on a whim to major in archeology. Your
task? To study an extinct race known as humans. Long ago, these people taunted
the gods with nuclear force. Eventually, their civilization was wiped out by
decades of war.
However, it is your society that wishes to learn from these predecessors. Help
your race by gathering the long forgotten tomes and brain matter of the former
human species.
Bury under the wastelands and caverns to find lost books that can unlock the
secrets to what became of humankind. It will be treacherous and may require
some ingenuity! Instead of a whip, you have a lasercutter that can dig through
some of the rocky floors. However, these loose rocks will eventually cave back
in, so think fast and ponder carefully every move!
Who put elevators in here? What crazy civilization guards knowledge with levers
and weapons?
Thanks to:
Anonymous Photographer (Cavern image; CC 2.5)