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OSLC Open Project Governance

This document defines the project's community governance per OASIS Open Projects Governance Policy.


OSLC, an OASIS Open Project, is committed to building an open, inclusive, productive and self-governing open source community that creates next-generation APIs for cloud computing. The community is governed by this document and in accordance with OASIS Open Project Rules with the goal of defining how community should work together to achieve this goal.

Code Repositories

The following code repositories are governed by the OSLC Open Project community and maintained under the project namespace:

  • oslc-admin: this repo, an administrative repo.
  • oslc-specs: specifications and other documents produced by the project.

Community Roles

  • Contributors: People who make regular contributions to our project (documentation, code reviews, responding to issues, participation in proposal discussions, contributing code, etc.).
  • Maintainers: People who have been selected by project leadership to oversee one or more components of the project, review code and PRs, prepare releases, triage issues, and similar tasks.

More information is available in the OASIS Open Project handbook.

Project Leadership

Project Governing Board (PGB)

PGB is responsible for the overall lifecycle or business strategy of the project. Oversees activities such as events, marketing, partnerships, promotion, budget, and so forth.

List of the PGB Members:

  • IBM - Jim Amsden (Co-chair)
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology - Andrew Berezovskyi (Co-chair)
  • Koneksys - Axel Reichwein
  • Siemens AG - Bill Chown
  • Tasktop - Wesley Coelho

Technical Steering Committee (TSC)

TSC responsible for the overall technical health and direction of the project; final reviewers of PRs, responsible for releases, responsible for overseeing work of maintainers and community leaders.

List of the TSC Members:

  • Jim Amsden
  • Andrew Berezovskyi
  • Axel Reichwein
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