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Protocol Tactics #16

ghost opened this issue May 7, 2018 · 0 comments

Protocol Tactics #16

ghost opened this issue May 7, 2018 · 0 comments


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ghost commented May 7, 2018

Protocol Tactics


The philosophers have only interpreted the internet, the point is to change it.

IP, BGP, DNS, HTTP, and many more protocols set the boundaries of what we do on the internet.
Their specifications and implementations have enabled many great advances,
but some of these advances have revealed structures and mechanisms
that are objectively counter to their users' needs and wants.

Our communities are radical in many ways, and some of our shared principles are
accessibility, ubiquity, sustainability, resilience, and impact.

We'll look at effective tactics used by protocols, old and new, to achieve these principles.

Type: talk|other
Length: 45m/1h
Additional considerations: I sense possible bit of overlap between this proposal and #15, #10

Session Objective

  • Understand how IP/BGP/DNS/HTTP/etc protocols structure the internet
  • See diverse examples of protocol tactics
  • Optional: Discuss and come up with more tactics
  • Optional: Spark a "tactics for radical networks" documentation/research thingy

Material and Technical Requirements

  • Projector adapter (have HDMI on laptop)
  • Hands-free mic (if neccessary) would be awesome


Name: Lars Gierth
Twitter: @schm_rs
GitHub: lgierth

Interested in attending the sprint July 16-18: Y
Interested in a community billet: N

Presenter Bio

Lars recently deployed his second Freifunk mesh node on a Berlin rooftop.
He helps upgrade the web at Protocol Labs, a research & development & deployment lab,
working on libp2p, a peer-to-peer networking stack, and IPFS, the Interplanetary Filesystem.

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