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The Discord bot used for the Overload Teams League.
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The Discord bot and website used for the Overload Teams League. Visit the OTL at

Version History

v1.1 - 4/30/2019


  • Refactored database code to be less monolithic.
  • For commands where you enter a date and time, if you don't enter a year, it will no longer fail to recognize Daylight Savings Time properly in some cases.
  • The !home command will now enforce the one stock map per team rule.
  • Added !overtime command to implement overtime periods for games that use overtime.
  • Improved error reporting.
  • The !addstat command now shows KDA.
  • Added !lockteam and !unlockteam commands to lock and unlock team rosters.
  • Added !addmap and !removemap commands to add and remove maps from the allowed map pool.
  • Fix to !creatematch not swapping team colors properly.
  • Added !next time to show the next events and matches in the user's local time zone.
  • Increase admin's !forcetime range to 180 days.
  • Fix a bug where the bot will throw an error if a player leaves a server after playing a match but before it's closed.
  • Fix a bug with issuing !voidgame and !closegame too rapidly in succession.


  • Refactored to a proper MVC pattern.
  • Uses a more generic router.
  • Now using morgan for logging.
  • Improved display name sanitizing.
  • Fix a bug with team size records being incorrect on the standings page.
  • Overtime games are now noted on the website on the home, matches, and match page.
  • Added a prominent link to Challonge.
  • Added images for Burning Indika, Junebug, Keg Party, Mesa, Sub Rosa, and Turnstile.
  • Added new links page.
  • Website now uses SSL.
  • Matches page now dynamically loads 10 matches at a time.
  • Website now has a favicon.
  • Added custom 404 and 500 pages.
  • Team rosters now link to the player's page.
  • New match page, linked to from everywhere on the site that shows a match. The match's time serves as the link.

v1.0.7 - 3/10/2019


  • Events are now shown in the !next command.
  • Maps can now be changed after they are set.
  • Teams now get an announcements channel that everyone can read but only founders and captains can post in.
  • Commands that take dates will no longer accept dates too far into the future (or past where applicable).
  • Reordered the team colors in the challenge topic to match the order that they appear in game.
  • Fix a bug with the KDA only showing for one team in the #match-results channel.


  • Many pages now have new or improved filtering based on the season and whether to show regular season or postseason stats.
  • Added the best game for each map and opponent on the player page.
  • Fixed link color in some less common browsers.
  • Fixed website crash when viewing a player who is not on a team.

v1.0.6 - 2/24/2019


  • The Fourth Sovereign can now be invited to other servers. Use to invite the bot to your server. Valid commands on servers outside the OTL are !next and !stats.
  • Match reminders will now also remind teams of any unset parameters, and will remind players to set their !streaming flag.
  • KDA now appears in the #match-results channel.
  • Challenge IDs now won't spike into the 1000's when the server gets unexpectedly rebooted.
  • !stream is now an alias for !streaming.
  • !retag command errors have been fixed.


  • New Overdigit font for numbers.
  • Matches that have been given a !title now have the title shown on the matches page.
  • Player pages will now show a player's performance against each team and on each map played.
  • KDA is now always to 3 decimal places.
  • Fixed some places where the player name wasn't normalized.

v1.0.5 - 2/5/2019

  • Continued work on having better responsive design overall on the website.
  • The game log on the team page is more readable.
  • The sorting of the !next command now sorts from earliest match to the latest.
  • The website will now direct traffic to the cast page if no one is setup to cast the match.
  • !adjudicate extend can be used to simply clear the match time from a match that was missed, but now will display the correct message if the challenge was not clocked, and will update the channel's topic appropriately.

v1.0.4 - 2/3/2019

  • New !stats command to view your own stats and get a URL to your stats page.
  • Fixed bug with !rematch command that was resetting the match times and team sizes of all challenges.
  • Fixed crash on player stats page for players not on a team.
  • Cast page no longer includes stats from games that aren't yet official.
  • Records page no longer fails when there aren't categories available.

v1.0.3 - 1/31/2019


  • Added !rematch command from inside a challenge room to allow for immediate rematches. This will create a new challenge between the same teams with the home server team swapped (or neutral if the prior challenge was neutral), the same team size, and a match time of now. This is intended to allow for teams to play a series of matches in a row and requires a representative of BOTH teams to issue the command. Teams should still use the !challenge command for other challenging purposes.
  • Added !next command to list all pending matches.
  • Updated the !cast command to allow !cast next to inform players what the next match available to cast is. Note, you still need to use !cast with a challenge ID, this is just an informative command.
  • Removed the requirement to confirm a !challenge.
  • New teams' founders will now get permissions for at-everyone and at-here and to delete and pin messages in their team channels, and captains will now get permissions for at-everyone and at-here. I will make a pass to allow this for existing teams shortly after release.
  • Dates no longer require a year, and will assume the first occurrence of that date in the future.
  • Dates can be replaced with the keyword "now", allowing for immediate scheduling.
  • The 30 minute warning now mentions the correct amount of time remaining until a match when a match is scheduled inside 30 minutes.
  • URLs no longer will have exclamation points at the end of them, so the exclamation point won't be part of the URL.


  • Fixed various website CSS bugs, including making them a bit more mobile friendly. This probably still has a long way to go, so if you see any issues on mobile, please post in #dev or file an issue on GitHub with details.
  • New records and player pages.
  • Matches page now has countdowns for pending matches.
  • Matches page redesigned and paginated.
  • Players page now shows league averages, along with a line visually indicating where that average lies.
  • Fixed the Best Game stats for teams.
  • Normalized names for best performer on the Cast page.
  • Technical update to allow hot-swapping web pages.

v1.0.2 - 1/10/2019

  • Bug fixes, especially concerning mobile devices.
  • New page for casters to easily cast matches between teams.
  • New #scheduled-matches page that lists matches as they are scheduled.
  • Updates to !cast, !matchtime, and !countdown commands to make it easier to follow matches.

v1.0.1 - 1/9/2019

  • Bug fixes.
  • Significantly more stats on the website.

v1.0 - 1/1/2019

  • Initial release.
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