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Using svfs with OVH Public Cloud Storage (PCS)

Retrieve your credentials

You can either download your credentials from :

OVH Manager

Log into the OVH Manager using your credentials. Then select the cloud section, click on your cloud project then go to the billing section. From there, select the Openstack tab, and click on the key icon at the right of the user you want to extract credentials for. Then choose to download the openrc file. Source it and enter your password when prompted.


Log into the OVH API with your customer account or using your application credentials. You can retrieve the openrc file by calling /cloud/project/{serviceName}/user/{userId}/openrc. Source this file and enter your password when prompted.

Mounting containers

Once you have sourced the openrc file, your credentials will be available as environment variables, starting with prefix OS_.

You can use them with svfs like this :

Using linux :

sudo mount -t svfs -o username=$OS_USERNAME,password=$OS_PASSWORD,tenant=$OS_TENANT_NAME,region=$OS_REGION_NAME pcs /mountpoint

Using OSX :

mount_svfs pcs /mountpoint -o username=$OS_USERNAME,password=$OS_PASSWORD,tenant=$OS_TENANT_NAME,region=$OS_REGION_NAME