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Shell script to install a P2P Masternode on a Linux server running Ubuntu 16.04. Use it on your own risk.


wget -q -N
chmod 777

Desktop wallet setup

After the MN is up and running, you need to configure the desktop wallet accordingly. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the P2P Desktop Wallet.
  2. Go to RECEIVE and create a New Address: MN01
  3. Send colateral amount of P2P to MN01. You need to send all coins in one single transaction.
  4. Wait for 15 confirmations.
  5. Go to Help -> "Debug Window - Console"
  6. Type the following command: masternode outputs
  7. Go to Tools -> "Open Masternode Configuration File"
  8. Add the following entry:
Alias Address Privkey TxHash TxIndex
ex : mn01 2sEUTVEXpo98wZof3naQBwCMkWCiEXRjQmbMFWist32bFJA5yA2o bbeef4a45772ec4a8a1f6e2c56ae132929efb97c20afcf5b7367a05f16f2c2b8P 0

* Alias: **MN1**
* Address: **VPS_IP:PORT**
* Privkey: **Masternode Private Key**
* TxHash: **First value from Step 6**
* TxIndex:  **Second value from Step 6**
9. Save and close the file.
10. Go to **Masternode Tab**. If you tab is not shown, please enable it from: **Settings - Options - Wallet - Show Masternodes Tab**
11. Click **Update status** to see your node. If it is not shown, close the wallet and start it again. Make sure the wallet is un
12. Select your MN and click **Start Alias** to start it.
13. Alternatively, open **Debug Console** and type:

masternode start-alias false MN01


## Usage:

p2p-cli mnsync status p2p-cli masternode status
p2p-cli getinfo

Also, if you want to check/start/stop **p2p**, run one of the following commands as **root**:

systemctl status p2p #To check if p2p service is running
systemctl start p2p #To start p2p service
systemctl stop p2p #To stop p2p service
systemctl is-enabled p2p #To check if p2p service is enabled on boot