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AWS (SQS/SNS) Clone for Development testing
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Build Status

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Written in Go this is a clone of the AWS SQS/SNS systems. This system is designed to emulate SQS and SNS in a local environment so developers can test their interfaces without having to connect to the AWS Cloud and possibly incurring the expense, or even worse actually write to production topics/queues by mistake. If you see any problems or would like to see a new feature, please open an issue here in github. As well, I will logon to Gitter so we can discuss your deployment issues or the weather.

SNS/SQS Api status:

All SNS/SQS APIs have been implemented except:

  • The full capabilities for Get and Set QueueAttributes. At the moment you can only Get ALL the attributes.

Here is a list of the APIs:

  • ListQueues
  • CreateQueue
  • GetQueueAttributes (Always returns all attributes - unsupporterd arttributes are mocked)
  • GetQueueUrl
  • SendMessage
  • SendMessageBatch
  • ReceiveMessage
  • DeleteMessage
  • DeleteMessageBatch
  • PurgeQueue
  • Delete Queue
  • ChangeMessageVisibility
  • ChangeMessageVisibilityBatch
  • ListDeadLetterSourceQueues
  • ListQueueTags
  • RemovePermission
  • SetQueueAttributes (Only supported attributes are set - see Supported Queue Attributes)
  • TagQueue
  • UntagQueue

Supported Queue Attributes

  • VisibilityTimeout
  • ReceiveMessageWaitTimeSeconds
  • RedrivePolicy

Current SNS APIs implemented:

  • ListTopics
  • CreateTopic
  • Subscribe (raw)
  • ListSubscriptions
  • Publish
  • DeleteTopic
  • Subscribe
  • Unsubscribe
  • ListSubscriptionsByTopic
  • GetSubscriptionAttributes
  • SetSubscriptionAttributes (Only supported attributes are set - see Supported Subscription Attributes)

Supported Subscription Attributes

  • RawMessageDelivery
  • FilterPolicy (Only supported simplest "exact match" filter policy)

Yaml Configuration Implemented

  • Read config file
  • -config flag to read a specific configuration file (e.g.: -config=myconfig.yaml)
  • a command line argument to determine the environment to use in the config file (e.e.: Dev)
  • IN the config file you can create Queues, Topic and Subscription see the example config file in the conf directory

Debug logging can be turned on via a command line flag (e.g.: -debug)

Note: The system does not authenticate or presently use https


go get

Build and Run (Standalone)

    cd to GoAws directory
    go build -o goaws app/cmd/goaws.go  (The goaws executable should be in the currect directory, move it somewhere in your $PATH)

    ./goaws  (by default goaws listens on port 4100 but you can change it in the goaws.yaml file to another port of your choice)

Run (Docker Version)

Get it
    docker pull pafortin/goaws

    docker run -d --name goaws -p 4100:4100 pafortin/goaws

Testing your installation

You can test that your installation is working correctly in one of two ways:

  1. Usign the postman collection, use this link to import it. As well the Environment variable for the collection should be set as follows: URL = http://localhost:4100/.

  2. by using the AWS cli tools (download link) here are some samples, you can refer to the aws cli tools docs for further information.

        "QueueUrl": "http://localhost:4100/test1"
        "QueueUrls": [
        "MD5OfMessageBody": "9d3f5eaac3b1b4dd509f39e71e25f954",
        "MD5OfMessageAttributes": "b095c6d16871105acb75d59332513337",
        "MessageId": "66a1b4f5-cecf-473e-92b6-810156d41bbe"
        "Messages": [
                "Body": "this is a test of the GoAws Queue messaging",
                "MD5OfMessageAttributes": "b095c6d16871105acb75d59332513337",
                "ReceiptHandle": "66a1b4f5-cecf-473e-92b6-810156d41bbe#f1fc455c-698e-442e-9747-f415bee5b461",
                "MD5OfBody": "9d3f5eaac3b1b4dd509f39e71e25f954",
                "MessageId": "66a1b4f5-cecf-473e-92b6-810156d41bbe"
    No output
    No output (No messages in Q)
    No output
    No output (There are no Queues left)
        "Topics": [
                "TopicArn": "arn:aws:sns:local:000000000000:topic1"
                "TopicArn": "arn:aws:sns:local:000000000000:topic2"
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