Unity android plugin for toast messages, twitter and facebook sharing etc..
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Unity3D Android Extras Tutorial

This project contains ;

  • Making a toast message.
  • Showing Alert view.
  • Facebook and Twitter sharing and also a share intent.
  • And immersive mode code for the phones that supports it.
  • Webview for android.

for Unity3D Android.

How To:

This project doesn't overrides Unity's currentActivity so all you have to do is adding "UnityAndroidExtras" package to your project. Add your methods and build-run. There is a demo script called "TestBuildRun" with a simple UI. For more information follow my tutorial http://nevzatarman.com/2014/11/24/unity-android-plugin-tutorial-making-a-toast-update/


There is folder called "GoogleAndroidExport_experimental" inside Assets folder. This part is also explained in my tutorial page : http://nevzatarman.com/2014/11/24/unity-android-plugin-tutorial-making-a-toast-update/