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🔧 Admin panel

To install the plugin of Paga+Tarde in your Oscommerce, we need to open the Oscommerce admin panel and follow the next steps:

Common steps

  1. Download the zip file from here. The name could be different according the last version of the plugin(Vx.x.x) Step 1

  2. Unzip the file downloaded in the previous step, it should contains 3 folders: admin, ext and includes. After unzip the zip file, you need to add them to the root folder. BE CAREFUL: Adding to the exists files, not overwrite.

  3. Open oscommece Admin. Modules => Payment Step 3

  4. Click on "Install Module" Step 4

  5. If the unzip code have been copied in the right folder, you could see Pagantis in the module list. In positive case, choose Pagantis and click on "Install module" Step 5

  6. If module has been installed rightly, you could follow to the configuration section.

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