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# URLTimeout module by Tom Parker <>
# URLTimeoutAppEngine class
# Released under the GPL Version 2 (
from urllib import urlencode
from _URLTimeoutCommon import *
from _local_dict import apply_vars
from google.appengine.api.urlfetch import fetch, DownloadError
class URLTimeoutAppEngine(URLGetter):
def auth(self,user,password):
raise Exception, "URLTimeoutAppEngine doesn't do basic auth yet!"
def get(self,url,**kwargs):
kwargs = apply_vars(kwargs, self.get_args)
exec('pass') # apply locals. Copy+paste magic...
data = kwargs['data'] # doesn't seem to work via other mechanism for some bizarre reason
if proxy!=None:
raise Exception, "URLTimeoutAppEngine can't handle proxies right now!"
if data!=None:
data = urlencode(data)
if ref!=None:
headers["Referer"] = ref
grab = fetch(url,payload=data,headers=headers,deadline=self.getTimeout())
except DownloadError,e:
raise URLTimeoutError,(e.message,url)
ret = self.check_move(grab.status_code, locals())
if ret!=None:
return ret
if grab.status_code == 304: # old data!
raise URLOldDataError
if grab.status_code !=200:
raise URLTimeoutError,(str(grab.status_code)+" "+grab.content,url, grab.status_code)
return URLObject(url,ref,grab.content,grab.headers)
#if __name__ == '__main__':
#print urllib2.urlopen("http://eris")
# print
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