Add easy way to set session expiry #16

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danjac commented Apr 26, 2010

It's quite difficult at the moment to set the expiry date for the session. Ideally something like this could work (although it might require subclassing SecureCookie):

if request.form.get('remember_me', False):
    session.expires = timedelta(days=30)

Yep, that would be nice. But because sessions setting works a little bit different (cookie is reset if information is written) the only working solution would be to store the expiration information inside the session directly.

Eg: session['max_age'] = timedelta(days=30) or session['expires'] = datetime.utcnow() + timedelta(days=30). Not sure how to decide about that, will consider something.


Added support for long running sessions. This closed by 36717b0.

This issue was closed.
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