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import argparse
import re
import sys
import boto
from postman import __version__
legal_headers = [ "Accept-Language", "Bcc", "Cc", "Comments", "Content-Type",
"Content-Transfer-Encoding", "Content-ID", "Content-Description",
"Content-Disposition", "Content-Language", "Date", "DKIM-Signature",
"DomainKey-Signature", "From", "In-Reply-To", "Keywords", "List-Archive",
"List-Help", "List-Id", "List-Owner", "List-Post", "List-Subscribe",
"List-Unsubscribe", "Message-Id", "MIME-Version", "Received", "References",
"Reply-To", "Return-Path", "Sender", "Subject", "Thread-Index",
"Thread-Topic", "To", "User-Agent" ]
def out(msg, args):
if args.verbose:
sys.stdout.write("%s\n" % msg)
def sanitize(args, msg):
Transform any headers SES disallows in to X-Headers.
Sanitize method adapted from this Perl snippet:
cleanmsg = ""
in_header = True
# Avoids indented lines.
hdr_re = re.compile("^([\w\d\-]+):")
for line in msg.splitlines(True):
# Two line breaks between header and message body.
if re.match("^[\n\r]", line):
# Do nothing once we've scanned the headers.
in_header = False
if in_header and hdr_re.match(line):
if hdr_re.match(line).group(1) not in legal_headers:
line = "X-%s" % line
cleanmsg += line
return cleanmsg
def cmd_send(args):
ses = boto.connect_ses()
out("Sending mail to: %s" % ", ".join(args.destinations), args)
msg =
if args.sanitize:
msg = sanitize(args, msg)
r = ses.send_raw_email(msg, args.f, args.destinations)
if r.get("SendRawEmailResponse", {}).get("SendRawEmailResult", {}).get("MessageId"):
out("OK", args)
out("ERROR: %s" % r, args)
def cmd_verify(args):
ses = boto.connect_ses()
for email in
out("Verification for %s sent." % email, args)
def cmd_list_verified(args):
ses = boto.connect_ses()
args.verbose = True
addresses = ses.list_verified_email_addresses()
addresses = addresses["ListVerifiedEmailAddressesResponse"]
addresses = addresses["ListVerifiedEmailAddressesResult"]
addresses = addresses["VerifiedEmailAddresses"]
if not addresses:
out("No addresses are verified on this account.", args)
for address in addresses:
out(address, args)
def cmd_show_quota(args):
ses = boto.connect_ses()
args.verbose= True
data = ses.get_send_quota()["GetSendQuotaResponse"]["GetSendQuotaResult"]
out("Max 24 Hour Send: %s" % data["Max24HourSend"], args)
out("Sent Last 24 Hours: %s" % data["SentLast24Hours"], args)
out("Max Send Rate: %s" % data["MaxSendRate"], args)
def cmd_show_stats(args):
ses = boto.connect_ses()
args.verbose = True
data = ses.get_send_statistics()
data = data["GetSendStatisticsResponse"]["GetSendStatisticsResult"]
for datum in data["SendDataPoints"]:
out("Complaints: %s" % datum["Complaints"], args)
out("Timestamp: %s" % datum["Timestamp"], args)
out("DeliveryAttempts: %s" % datum["DeliveryAttempts"], args)
out("Bounces: %s" % datum["Bounces"], args)
out("Rejects: %s" % datum["Rejects"], args)
out("", args)
def cmd_delete_verified(args):
ses = boto.connect_ses()
for email in
out("Deleted %s" % email, args)
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(prog="postman", description="send an email via Amazon SES")
parser.add_argument("--version", action="version", version="%%(prog)s %s" % __version__)
parser.add_argument("--verbose", action="store_true")
command_parsers = parser.add_subparsers(dest="command")
# cmd: send
parser_send = command_parsers.add_parser("send")
help="the address to send the message from, must be validated")
parser_send.add_argument("--sanitize", action="store_true",
help="Sanitize headers. Convert illegal headers to X-Headers.")
parser_send.add_argument("destinations", metavar="TO", type=str, nargs="+",
help="a list of email addresses to deliver message to")
# cmd: verify
parser_send = command_parsers.add_parser("verify")
parser_send.add_argument("email", nargs="+",
help="an email address to verify for sending from")
# cmd: list_verified
# cmd: show_quota
# cmd: show_stats
# cmd: delete_verified
parser_delete = command_parsers.add_parser("delete_verified")
parser_delete.add_argument("email", nargs="+",
help="verified email addresses that will be deleted from verification list")
args = parser.parse_args()
"send": cmd_send,
"verify": cmd_verify,
"list_verified": cmd_list_verified,
"show_quota": cmd_show_quota,
"show_stats": cmd_show_stats,
"delete_verified": cmd_delete_verified