Users, needs and use cases

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In case you're curious: We haven't done any use cases yet, and these needs are pretty lean.

Editor / Instructor

  • Maintaining newsroom knowledge continuity, in the face of turnover
  • Upping the game of their newsroom, improving data literacy
  • abh: Factcheck/review/sanitycheck reporter work

CAR reporter (data journalist?)

  • Helping other reporters
  • Sharing the data they've collected
  • Get data back out to work with in other tools

Reporter / Student reporter

  • Learning what data is available to them, and what stories were already written

Investigative journalist

  • Protecting the privacy of their datasets

Breaking news reporter

  • Scrubbing a name, quick access to many sets


  • Deploying needs to be easy

Use Cases

CAR or data viz Instructor: Students in a journalism-school course on building interactive data visualizations are learning to show their work. Their instructor needs a straightforward way to review the underlying data in any assignments that students turn in. The instructor would also like to provide students with a handful of sample data sets that they can use in assignments before students start reporting.

Editor Reporter files a draft story, editor going through the story has some questions about how the numbers fit together. Since the data is all in Panda, she can go through it herself!

Web Producer Actually, these don't exist anymore, but it would be really nice if there was a way to push a data set out to a tablesetter table that could be published. Reporter upload a data set that supports a new story. To prep the story for the web, I:

  • sit down with the reporter to decide which columns we should publish;
  • generate a tablesetter file template that uses the dataset description as a default description and defaults to include every column.
  • modify that template, eliminating columns that we don't want to publish and adding formatting for numbers as appropriate.
  • generate HTML that I can drop into my own public-facing tablesetter template.
  • realize that I got everything horribly wrong, and revise the stored tablesetter file