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This project contains JRuby libraries and wrappers for XSugar as well as grammars for converting between EpiDoc XML and Leiden+ (a Leiden-style plaintext markup).

To convert between the EpiDoc and Leiden+, the utility scripts xml2nonxml.rb and nonxml2xml.rb are provided.

To use them you can simply run:

./bin/xml2nonxml.rb < epidoc.xml > leiden.txt

or ./bin/nonxml2xml.rb < leiden.txt > epidoc.xml

File Structure

bin/                     command-line scripts
    blackboard_agent.rb  blackboard XSugar transformer agent (run many)
    blackboard_server.rb blackboard XSugar transformer server (run one)          IDP2 grammar coverage script
    xml2nonxml.rb        command-line xml->non-xml RXSugar utility
    nonxml2xml.rb        command-line non-xml->xml RXSugar utility
epidoc.xsg               Leiden+ XSugar grammar
init.rb                  Rails plugin init script
lib/                     source code
    coverage/            classes for testing XSugar coverage
    standalone/          classes for warming up standalone server
    jruby_helper.rb      helper classes for invoking RXSugar from JRuby
    modules_jruby.rb     Java->Ruby module conversion for JRuby
    modules_rjb.rb       Java->Ruby module conversion for RJB
    rxsugar.rb           main Ruby XSugar wrapper class
    rxsugar_helper.rb    helper classes for using Ruby XSugar wrapper
    util_helper.rb       helper classes for command-line scripts
    xsugar-all.jar       compiled upstream XSugar JAR
src/                     Java source code
    standalone/          source code for standalone transformation server
    xsugar/              upstream XSugar source code
test/                    source code for unit testing
translation_epidoc.xsg   XSugar grammar for EpiDoc translations


The Ruby testing uses JRuby, so you should invoke rake with:

jruby -S rake

Since the XSugar jar requires Java 1.6, make sure your JAVA_HOME is set to a Java 1.6 install when running JRuby.


The Java XSugar source is tracked in xsugar-vendor. Customizations for this project are in xsugar-customizations, merged into master. To e.g. update to a new upstream version of XSugar, you would unpack it to src/xsugar on the xsugar-vendor branch and commit the changes. Then you would rebase the changes in xsugar-customizations onto the new xsugar-vendor. Then merge xsugar-customizations into master and rebuild lib/xsugar-all.jar (using the rake task java:xsugar:build) and commit. Do not make changes/customizations to the Java XSugar source on master, make them on xsugar-customizations so that the merge upstream/rebase/merge workflow is more straightforward.

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