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#paranoidtruth SAGA GUIDE for windows-linux (cold) setup
#you do need a linux vps to get a public IP, etc. If you don't know what that is, you might want to hold off on this.
***************************** LINUX VPS setup (part 1) *************************************************************
#I personally use a fairly small linux instance, 1024memory, ubuntu, 16.04
#a lot of people use vultr, the $5 instance. but any vps will do. stick with ubuntu 16.04 for this guide, though.
#there are tons of vps services like: ovh, vpsdime, vultr, digitalocean, etc, etc.
#get the vps ip they gave you, you will need that for the windows setup
*************************** WINDOWS SETUP (or mac) *****************************************************************
#side note, you actually need a little over 2500 coins because there's a trans fee.
#If you literally have only 2500, go buy one more coin.
#edit your local (windows/mac) sagacoin.conf file
#it should be at /users/<your user name>/AppData/Roaming/SagaCoin
#or in mac: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SagaCoin
#it should look like this:
#shutdown & restart wallet to load those new configs
#There's really only a couple more steps on the windows side.
#make sure the wallet is unlocked
#go to masternodes tab & create one.
#it asks for an alias, that's just MN1 or whatever you want to call it.
#it asks for your ADDR: use your VPS ip & port: xx.xx.xx.xx:48744
#that generated a new MN address for you, you can see it if you go to your receive tab, copy the addr from there
#go to the send tab. send 2500 exactly to that addr.
#it will charge you a fee, do not send 2500.001 to cover the fee, just send 2500
#go to the transactions tab. you will NOT see the 2500 since you are just sending to yourself, only the trans fee
#wait for 10 confirms on the fee, you will eventually see the clock change to a checkmark
#go to masternodes tab & highlight your new masternode
#click on get config button.
#you only need ONE item from here, the masternodeprivkey, copy that, ignore everything else.
#go to the debug console: Help->console
#type masternode outputs
#if you got data there, you're good on the windows side and can start it now:
#click the start all button. OR, in the console, masternode start-alias MN1
#Verify in the console: masternode list full
#you want to see your ip in the list
#staking note... in order to make sure your MN doesn't fail after sending coins:
#set staking=0 (set in configs above) lock/encrypt the wallet, and make sure you use coin-control when sending to not dip into the MN funds!
***************************** LINUX VPS setup (part 2) *************************************************************
#SSH into the vps (most windows users will use putty. If you're not familiar with putty, watch a quick youtube vid)
#If you're on a mac (when the mac wallet is available, you have a built in SSH terminal instead of putty)
#after connecting should see something like: root@whatever_your_server_name_is
#copy all instructions one line at a time:
#first we will create a new user, we do not want to install as root
#so let's create a user called saga1
#it's going to ask you questions like room number, you can just hit enter for all those, all you really need to fill in
#is the new user password, do not lose this password either, you need both the root & saga1 password from now on
adduser saga1
#now give this user sudo access (more power!)
usermod -aG sudo saga1
#switch to that user:
su - saga1
cd ~/
#now download and run the install script:
sudo chmod +x
#you WILL NEED the masternodeprivkey from windoows, copy it, right click to paste when asked for it
#enter y at the end to enable firewall
#after finishes, run:
sagacoind getmininginfo
#you should see the block number, and run that command every couple minutes
#until you sync up to the current block. Then you should be ready to continue:
#now, let's see if we can see our ip in the list, swap in YOUR ip instead of xx.xx.xx.xx:
sagacoind masternode list | grep xx.xx.xx.xx
#with any luck you will see something like: xx.xx.xx.xx:48744 : 1,
#1 is good, that means your ip is active/enabled in the saga masternode list
#what if that doesn't find yours?
#wait 5 min, then restart vps wallet & try again:
sagacoind stop
#test again using the grep technique above
#verify your vps wallet is in sync on blockchain to current block number:
sagacoind getmininginfo
#see if block number there matches current block count in explorer:
if sync'd and still not in list, go back to windows and shut-down, restart wallet.
Do all of the following in the windows wallet debug/console:
masternode start-alias MN1 (use whatever you named your MN)
verify yours is enabled in: masternode list full active
If everything is good there, try again in LINUX VPS, use the grep command again
if it's still not good, stop and restart it in the VPS:
sagacoind stop
#still not good? Wait 5 min and repeat all debug steps.
#at that point you should be good, but it's always a good idea to double check on an external site:
#full disclosure, the site I'm recommending is mine (
#can check your node status:
#add to your "watchlist" to get an email alert if the node goes down and when you receive rewards
#will take 5 minutes for a new node to load into the system
#FYI: some VPS commands you might use on occasion:
sagacoind #starts sagacoin
sagacoind masternode list #shows all nodes
sagacoind stop #stops sagacoin
sagacoind getmininginfo #show blocks, etc.
sagacoind help #shows every possible command
masternode outputs
masternode list full active #and find yours
#wait for rewards. First one might take up to 24+ hours.
#saga is SUPER random. don't be surprised when you don't get a reward in a full day.
#just verify that it's running and you're fine.
#Also, now that your MN is running, good time to backup your windows wallet.dat file to a usb drive, etc!