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docs/book/draft/README.pod - Readme to a series of draft documents on Parrot development.


The book will contain the following chapters:

1. Overview
2. Getting Started
3. Parrot Intermediate Representation (PIR)
4. Compiler Tools (PCT)
5. Grammar Engine (PGE)
6. Grammar Actions (NQP)
7. Dynamic C-level Objects (PMCs)
8. Dynamic Opcodes
9. Parrot Assembly Language (PASM)
10. Instruction Reference
11. Directive Reference
12. Operator Reference
Appendix A. Glossary
Appendix B. Patch Submission
Appendix C. Command-Line Options
Appendix D. Build Options
Appendix E. Source Code


Top-level headings in each chapter (the chapter title) are level 1 headings. All sub-headings in the chapter are level 2 and below. All chapter files should contain the VIM suffix (which is a codingstd for all of the Parrot repo).


Copyright (C) 2001-2012, Parrot Foundation.