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Parrot Plumage

Parrot Plumage is the Parrot Virtual Machine module ecosystem. It includes tools to search metadata, handle dependencies, install modules, and so forth.

This is the first implementation of the toolchain for Parrot Plumage; it is functional for day-to-day use, but still under rapid development, and we're always looking for testers and contributors (see CONTRIBUTING below).

The initial overall design document can be found at:

We practice the 'whirlpool' development model, so this design document could at best be described as "getting us close enough to the sucking vortex to begin our descent". We expect to make many changes as we discover new issues during implementation.


parrot setup.pir build


parrot setup.pir test


parrot setup.pir install


Once built, Plumage is relatively easy to use, especially if you've used another install tool such as apt-get or yum. For example, to install Rakudo (a Perl 6 implementation), run the following command:

./plumage install rakudo

This will automatically install any dependencies that Rakudo may need. To see what those dependencies are, try this:

./plumage showdeps rakudo

To see what other commands and options are available, ask for usage info:

./plumage usage

If you have any problems, just come by #parrot at and ask. We're happy to help!


We aim to be very contributor-friendly here; take a look at the documents in the docs/hacking/ directory (starting with contributing.pod) to get up to speed.

Welcome to the crew, and don't forget to be bold!


Parrot Plumage is Copyright (C) 2009-2012, The Parrot Foundation, and is distributed under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0. For more details, see the full text of the license in the file LICENSE.