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Where should I ask my question?

We appreciate that getting started with the Parse Platform can be challenging at times, so we are here to help! As we are a small team of volunteer contributors we ask that you respect our time & effort by reviewing the docs thoroughly as well as checking previous questions on Stack Overflow & GitHub Issues before posting a question. If all else fails, see the information below on the best place for your questions.

Code level questions:

Please post these questions on Stack Overflow using the parse-platform tag, remember to follow their guidelines and if your question is not appropriate for the site please use our community forum.

Other tags can be used depending on the specific question but please always use the parse-platform tag as a base. Other tags include - parse-javascript-sdk, parse-server, parse-android-sdk, parse-cloud, parse-dashboard, parse-ios-sdk.

Issues & feature requests:

Please use the GitHub issues on the repository your issue or feature request relates to.

Discussion on strategy & implementation:

Please use our community forum.

⚠️ Please refrain from cross posting your questions ⚠️

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