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A "comment marker" is a special marker in the comment that marks this comment for use by PasDoc. By default, pasdoc doesn’t require any comment marker: any comment that is placed right before declaration of some item is automatically incorporated as part of documentation.

If you prefer to use some markers, you can control it with the following CommandLine options:


Parse only {**, (*** and //** style comments. This is a shortcut for --marker=**.


{** This is a pasdoc comment for WriteLn }
procedure WriteLn(const s: string);
--marker <marker>

Parse only {<marker>, (\*<marker> and //<marker> comments.

Example using : as marker:

{: WriteLn takes a string and writes it to the console
  @param(s is the string to write)
  @returns(true if successfull and false if there is no console window.) }
function WriteLn(const s: string): boolean;

Do not require the markers given in --marker <marker> but remove them from the comment if they exist.

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