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Tumblr-style cog loading animation made with CSS and SVG icons designed by Jiri Silha.
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Include to your pages the HTML code, just before the closing </body> tag:

<div id="loader" class="overlay-loader">
    <div class="loader-background color-flip"></div>
    <img class="loader-icon spinning-cog" src="cogs/cog01.svg" data-cog="cog01">

Don't forget to include the SVG icon you wish to use.


Include the file cog.css into the <head> section, or add its content to your stylesheet.


Use your favourite method to make the loader disappear when website content is loaded. Here is a jQuery example:

jQuery(window).load(function($) {



A good alternative is using DeSandro's imagesLoaded plugin to detect when images have been loaded.


Here is a pen you can play with!


Created and maintained by Pasquale Vitiello under the MIT license.