SMPTE DPX v2 Image Format reader/writer
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Clone or download Promoting changes from OpenImageIO upstream:
* improved 10->16 bit depth conversion
* added CrCbY<->RGB conversion routines
* fixed erratic handling of > 3 channel image reading
* several smaller bugfixes
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SMPTE DPX v2 Image Format reader/writer
Version 0.5, January 9, 2009

DPX image reader / writer library written in portable C++.

DPX Standard

The SMPTE DPX v2 268M-2003 standards document is copyrighted and can 
not be freely distributed.  It is available for purchase from the 
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (  
There are a number of other SMPTE standards referenced within the 
DPX standard and would need to be purchased as well.


Areas for future development.

 - run length encoding
 - sampling conversions (i.e., 422 to 444)
 - chroma conversions (i.e., YPbPr to RGB)
 - high speed pathways (RGB, 10bit unpacking to 16bit)
 - high speed conversions written in SSE2
 - writing user data