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Voc Demo

A realtime demo of Voc, a vocal tract physical model. With the exception of RtAudio (released under the permissive STK license, included here), all code here is licensed under public domain.

Screenshot of Voc Demo

This is a simple voc demo using RtAudio and Nuklear.


This demo has been tested on both Linux and Mac OSX.

First, make sure that Soundpipe is installed. Both Linux and OSX users will need to compile this from source. Voc is now a part of Soundpipe. Be sure to use the "dev" branch of Soundpipe to make sure Voc gets installed.

This demo relies on the GLFW OpenGL2 backend for Nuklear, so make sure that is properly configured and installed. On Linux, you'll install it through the package manager in the usually way. On OSX, you can install it with "brew install glfw3".

After the dependencies have been installed, compile the demo with:


Then run it with: