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Oculus is a social SQL client for business intelligence.

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The Oculus of the Pantheon

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Oculus is a web-based logging SQL client. It keeps a history of your queries and the results they returned, so your research is always at hand, easy to share and easy to repeat or reproduce in the future.

Oculus will not prevent you from doing stupid things! I recommend using a readonly SQL account.


$ gem install oculus
$ gem install mysql2 # to enable MySQL support
$ gem install pg     # to enable Postgres support


Oculus is a Sinatra app. Run it from the command line, or mount Oculus::Server as middleware in your Rack application (recommended). For more information on mounting Oculus as middleware, see the wiki: Running with Rack.

For details on command line options, run:

oculus --help


  1. Fork it
  2. Run rake db:test:populate
  3. Make your changes
  4. Run tests (rake)
  5. Send me a pull request

If you're making a big change, please open an Issue first, so we can discuss.

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