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; P10 Run-length encoding of a list.
; Mapping
(defn f1 [ls]
(map (fn [l] [(count l) (first l)]) ls))
; Mapping, again
(defn f2 [ls]
(map vector (map count ls) (map first ls)))
; Folding
(defn f3 [ls]
(reduce (fn [acc l] (cons [(count l) (first l)] acc)) '() (reverse ls)))
; Recursion
(defn f4 [ls]
(if (seq ls)
(let [h (first ls) t (rest ls)]
(cons [(count h) (first h)] (f4 t)))
; Tail recursion
(defn f5 [ls]
(loop [acc '() l ls]
(if (seq l)
(let [h (first l) t (rest l)]
(recur (cons [(count h) (first h)] acc) t))
(reverse acc))))
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