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kiro112 commented Feb 12, 2014

right now. i can send payment and the account that will receive tha payment is the account that handle/hold my data in the paypal configure(client_id, secret)..

i cant see any example/documentation that tell how to configure the receiver of the payment.


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avidas commented Apr 14, 2014

Hey @kiro112 , as of now the receiver of the payment must have a client_id and client_secret i.e. they would need to have a merchant account with paypal.

If you have multiple client id and client secrets, on the node sdk you could have them as

var receivers = {
"receiver1" : {client_id: "xyz",
client_secret: "abc"},
"receiver2": {client_id: "123",
client_secret: "456"},

Now, you could use them for creating payments. e.g. In samples/payment/create_with_credit_card.js, you could do

paypal_api.payment.create(create_payment_json, receivers.receiver1, function (error, payment) {

This would ensure that receiver1s credentials are used while creating the payment. Hope this helps.


avidas commented Apr 22, 2014

@kiro112 closing as this is the only currently existing way to transfer to different account via REST. Native support for configuring the receiver of the payment might be added in a future release of the APIs.

avidas closed this Apr 22, 2014

avidas referenced this issue in paypal/sdk-core-ruby May 14, 2014


Configuration of few PayPal's accounts #23

avidas reopened this Jun 5, 2014

How can i pass the products details into the API, like the product name, quantity and the amount as we are passing the total amount.


kiro112 commented Oct 31, 2014

@junaidvbase in his sample ( ) he has a "description" attribute, perhaps you can put the products detail through a json string ?

sorry for my grammar.

Yes you're right, but i want as the list, the description shows only a paragraph.not in a table or div format like invoice!. Thanks for you reply :)


avidas commented Dec 30, 2014

Hey @kiro112 with the release of the payouts api, you have the option to send a single or batch payout, allowing payments to be sent to single or multiple recipients. Here is a sample for single payout. Please reopen if this does not serve your use case.

@junaidvbase it would be better to open a new issue if you are still encountering the problem.

avidas closed this Dec 30, 2014

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