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Releases: pbatard/rufus

Rufus 4.3

19 Oct 10:16
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  • Add support for symbolic link preservation when NTFS is used
  • Add an exception to enforce NTFS for Linux Mint's LMDE
  • Add an expert feature to restrict a Windows installation to S Mode
  • Fix persistence support for Debian 12 in BIOS mode
  • Fix a regression that prevented the opening of .vhd images (#2309)
  • Update UEFI:NTFS to report a more explicit error on bootmgr security issues
  • Improve the search for conflicting processes, by running it in a background thread
  • Improve support for Slax Linux (#2336)

Rufus 4.2

26 Jul 12:32
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  • Add detection and warning for UEFI revoked bootloaders (including ones revoked through SkuSiPolicy.p7b) (#2244)
  • Add ZIP64 support, to extract .zip images that are larger than 4 GB (#2264)
  • Add saving and restoring current drive to/from compressed VHDX image
  • Add saving and restoring current drive to/from compressed FFU (Full Flash Update) image [EXPERIMENTAL]
  • Fix a crash when trying to open Windows ISOs, with the MinGW compiled x86 32-bit version (#2272)
  • Fix an issue where ISOs that contain a boot image with an EFI label are not detected as bootable (#2288)
  • Increase the ISO → ESP limit for Debian 12 netinst images
  • Ensure that the main partition size is aligned to the cluster size

Rufus 4.1

31 May 17:56
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  • Add timeouts on enumeration queries that may stall on some systems
  • Restore MS-DOS drive creation through the download of binaries from Microsoft
  • Update the log button icon
  • Fix UEFI:NTFS incompatibility with Windows Dev Kit 2023 platform (pbatard/uefi-ntfs#37)
  • Fix more GRUB out of range pointer errors with Ubuntu/Fedora when booting in BIOS mode

Rufus 4.0

25 Apr 23:41
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  • Fix persistent partition not working with Ubuntu 23.04 (#2231)
  • Fix out of range pointer error with Ubuntu 23.04 when booting in BIOS mode (#2233)
  • Fix boot freeze with Ubuntu Studio when Secure Boot is enabled (#2210)
  • Fix incorrect architecture detection when checking for updates
  • Fix a Windows Store application crash when processing GRUB bootloaders
  • Fix a Windows Store application crash when enumerating processes that contain a % sign
  • Fix a Windows Store application crash when using German localization
  • Note that the major version was bumped on account of:
    • New versions of Rufus requiring Windows 8 or later
    • New versions of Rufus defaulting to a 64-bit executable
    • Old versions of Rufus potentially not being able to update properly

Rufus 3.22

25 Mar 14:32
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  • Add SHA-1 and SHA-256 x86 acceleration on CPUs that support it (#2090, courtesy of Jeffrey Walton)
  • Add an option to disable BitLocker device encryption in the Windows User Experience dialog (#2121)
  • Add a cheat mode (Ctrl-P) to preserve the log between sessions
  • Fix potential media creation errors by forcing the unmount of stale .wim images (#2199)
  • Fix potential access errors in ISO → ESP mode by forcing Large FAT32 formatting
  • Fix user-specified label not being preserved on error/cancel
  • Fix some large SSD devices being listed by default (#2164)
  • Fix processing of Rock Ridge CE fields
  • Work around the use of Rock Ridge symbolic links for Linux firmware packages (Debian)
  • Remove the ISO download feature on Windows 7
  • Note: This is the last version of Rufus that can run on Windows 7

Rufus 3.21

28 Nov 17:14
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  • Allow the provision of an arbitrary local account username in the Windows User Experience dialog
  • Improve Windows version reporting from ISO/.wim
  • Update UEFI:NTFS' NTFS drivers to v1.4 and exFAT drivers to v1.9
  • Switch to remote download for nonstandard GRUB (Fedora 37, openSUSE Live, GeckoLinux)
  • Fix UEFI:NTFS partition not being set in MBR mode for ISOs with a >4GB file (UwUntu)
  • Fix GRUB support for Arch and derivatives, when a non FAT compliant label is used (#2086)
  • Fix incorrect detection of GRUB with nonstandard prefixes
  • Fix tab order not working on the Windows User Experience dialog

Rufus 3.20

03 Aug 16:52
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  • Enable applicable Windows User Experience options for Windows 10
  • Remember last Windows User Experience selection between sessions
  • Add automatic local account creation and regional options duplication
    (This is limited to creating an account with the same name as the current user and with an empty password that the user will be prompted to change after first reboot)
  • Add a workaround for ISOs that have a syslinux symbolic link to /isolinux/ (Knoppix)
  • Revert to offline insertion of registry keys for the TPM/SB/RAM bypass where possible (#1971)
  • Remove storage bypass, since this is a bogus bypass that doesn't do anything (#1990)
  • Improve BIOS compatibility when displaying the "UEFI boot only" alert message
  • Fix Windows User Experience dialog appearing twice for Windows To Go (#1968)
  • Fix Windows User Experience options not being applied for ARM64 (#1996)
  • Fix Microsoft Account bypass not being applied unless TPM/SB/RAM bypass is selected (#1981)
  • Fix overeager detection of GRUB2 bootloaders with nonstandard prefixes

Rufus 3.19

01 Jul 22:22
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  • Add a new selection dialog for Windows 11 setup customization:
    • Secure Boot and TPM bypass have now been moved to this dialog
    • Also allows to bypass the mandatory requirement for a Microsoft account with Windows 11 22H2
      (NB: Network MUST be temporarily disabled or unplugged for the local account creation to be proposed)
    • Also add an option to skip all collection questions (Sets all answers to "Don't allow")
    • Also add an option for setting internal drives offline with Windows To Go
      Note: These customization options are only proposed when using a Windows 11 image.
  • Add support for distros using a nonstandard GRUB 2.0 prefix directory (openSUSE Live, GeckoLinux)
  • Add the ability to ignore USBs (See here for details)
  • Change drive listing to always list in increasing order of size
  • Update exceptions needed by Red Hat and derivatives for the 9.x releases
  • Update UEFI:NTFS drivers to latest
  • Reassign a letter for drives written in DD mode that don't have an ESP (e.g. CoreELEC)
  • Fix Windows refusing to mount Linux MBR partitions on FIXED drives
  • Fix support for multiextent files when Joliet is in use

Rufus 3.18

11 Mar 17:26
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  • Fix DLL sideloading vulnerabilities (#1838, #1877)
  • Fix ISO → ESP creation when running on Windows 11 (#1855)
  • Fix an issue when detecting network connectivity when the DHCP service is disabled (#1801)
  • Update FreeDOS to version 1.3
  • Add bypass of Windows 11 restrictions for in-place upgrades
  • Add Miracle Linux 8 to the list of Red Hat exceptions (#1866)
  • Other internal fixes and improvements


23 Oct 15:24
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  • Fix MBR not being properly cleared
  • Fix commandline hogger not being deleted on exit
  • Improve ReFS handling for platforms that support it
  • Update UEFI:NTFS to latest and remove Secure Boot notice since this version is Secure Boot signed
  • Update Grub4DOS to latest