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Add a simple roadmap for the lumina project to reach 1.0-release.

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+General roadmap for the Lumina Project to reach version 1.0
+ - Finish up the desktop plugin system
+ - Create a few desktop plugins (directory viewer, image viewer, note taker, app launcher)
+ - Add support for vertical toolbars on right/left side of screen
+ - Finish up the system tray
+ -- Tray app backgrounds
+ -- Retroactive app detection/embedding
+ -- Move the LX11/event usage out of the sesssion and into the plugin class directly.
+ - Add a few more context menu options (single app launcher, open file manager)
+ - Need to recreate the UI to better streamline/hide the inactive options (interface too busy)
+ - Add support for modifying session options (startup applications, fluxbox customization, etc)
+Lumina-fm (Insight?)
+ - Basic file manager functionality (browse, view, remove, copy, rename, move, and open files)
+ - ZFS file/dir restoration ability
+ - Image slideshow ability
+ - Multimedia player ability (optional for 1.0 - might wait for some of the new Phonon stuff in Qt5)
+ - Network protocol support (samba, ftp, others?)
+ -- This is optional usage (only shown as available if the utilities are installed)
+ - External drive detection/accessability (just usage? only check for mounted devices then)
+ - Perhaps write a custom backend class for FM functionality instead of using the QFileSystemModel?
+ - Verify mimetype support/availability in the UI
+ - Still not happy with the available apps widget. Perhaps go to something that can be scrolled?
+ROADMAP to 1.0
+0.5 - Get Lumina-FM finished up and available (so there is time for testing/fixing)
+0.6 - Redo Lumina-Config (leave time for testing the new UI)
+0.7 - Fix Lumina-Destop system tray and desktop plugins framework
+0.8 - Create the new desktop plugins
+0.9 - Lumina-open fixes/checks and any other bugfixes that have come up.
+Optional Extensions after 1.0-RELEASE
+Write a screen-locking system (needs PAM/security class)
+ - Don't actually lock/open the PAM session (that could break the login session)
+ - Just for verification of credentials for the desired user (current or admin)
+Parental Control System (needs screen locker, OS-specific network protocols)
+ - Daily Time Limits (simple to do)
+ - Network Accessibility Whitelist (using capsicum?)
+Replace xscreensaver with a custom-written screensaver framework in Qt (needs screen locker)
+ - xscreensaver has some (possibe) security concerns due to
+ network-accessable perl modules that are required
+ - Since the Lumina session already has to keep an eye on system events,
+ if it probably better just to maintainer our own internal timer systems instead
+ of running an additional background daemon (also reduces dependencies).
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