Check off Basecamp todos and create time entries in Git without opening a browser. Display basecamp todo lists in the git commit message. See a demo at
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Script that loads Basecamp todo lists into Git commit messages, and marks todos as complete if they are kept in the commit message.


Warning! Gitcamp overwrites commit-msg and prepare-commit-msg hooks when you run gitcamp init. If you're using those hooks for something fancy, back them up first.

# Install Zend Framework
sudo pear channel-discover
sudo pear install zend/zend

# Install gitcamp
git clone ssh:// ~/gitcamp;
echo "export PATH=~/gitcamp:$PATH" >> ~/.bash_profile;
# Now run "gitcamp init" in a git repo

What is my Basecamp subdomain?

Your Basecamp subdomain is the first part of your Basecamp URL. For example, if you Basecamp URL were:

Your Basecamp subdomain would be "company-name".

Where do I find my API Token?

In your Basecamp account, go to "My info," then click "Show your tokens" at the bottom of the page.

Your Basecamp API Token is the long string of letters and numbers under "Token for feed readers or the Basecamp API".