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Protect Resources

Protect Internal Resources

💮 Requires Peach version 0.9.0

When some documents are internal use only, you can enable protect mode for them.

What does protect mode do?

  1. Authentication based on HTTP Basic Authorization.
  2. User defines a list of authorized users along with their password.
  3. User defines a list of resources to be protected and individuals who can access.

To enable protect mode, you would need to create a file named protect.ini and put it in same directory as your TOC.ini does.

Here is an example:

user1 = 5F4DCC3B5AA765D61D8327DEB882CF99
user2 = xxx
user3 = xxx

howto/documentation = user1,user2,user3
howto/webhook = user1,user2
howto/templates = user1

User password must be MD5-encoded, and use comma (,) to seperate multiple users.

Document URLs do not need /docs/ prefix as you can tell.

Based on example file, there are three users are authorized, and three resources are protected:

  • user1 has all access to three resources.
  • user2 can only access howto/documentation and howto/webhook, and gets 403 when tries to access howto/templates.
  • user3 can only access howto/documentation, and gets 403 when tries to access howto/webhook and howto/templates.
  • Fail to authenticate will result in 401.