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A simple web-based publications reference database system.

See the GitHub Publications wiki for the documentation, including How-to and Installation.

A few useful scripts to be run from the command line can be found in the publications/scrips subdirectory. See its README.


  • All publication reference data is visible to all. No login is required for viewing.

  • Publication references can be added by fetching data from:

    • PubMed using the PubMed identifier (PMID).
    • Crossref using the Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
  • Publication references can be added manually.

  • Curator accounts for adding and editing the publication entries can be created by the admin of the instance.

  • All curators can edit every publication reference. There is a log for each publication, so it is possible to see who did what when.

  • Publication references can be labeled. The labels can be used to indicate e.g. research group, facility or some other classification. A label can have a qualifier, e.g. to denote if the publication was due to facility service or to a collaboration.

  • A curator can use only the labels that she has been assigned by the admin.

  • There is a blacklist registry based on the PMID and/or DOI of publications. When a publication is blacklisted, it will not be fetched when using PMID, DOI or automatic scripts. This is to avoid adding publications that have already been determined to be irrelevant.

  • The publications data can be extracted in JSON and CSV formats. The CSV format allows some basic filtering options.

  • API to ask the server to fetch publications from PubMed or Crossref. See its README.


Front-end (via CDN's)

Back-end (installed on server)


The system was designed for keeping track of the publications to which the facilities of SciLifeLab contributed. See SciLifeLab Publications.

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