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Getting started with Pelias

Looking to install and set up Pelias? You've come to the right place. We have several different tools and pieces of documentation to help you.

Installing for the first time?

We strongly recommend using our Docker based installation for your first install. It removes the need to deal with most of the complexity and dependencies of Pelias. On a fast internet connection you should be able to get a small city like Portland, Oregon installed in under 30 minutes.

Want to go more in depth?

The Pelias docker installation should work great for any small area, and is great for managing the different Pelias services during development. However, we understand not everyone can or wants to use Docker, and that people want more details on how things work.

For this, we have our from scratch installation guide

Installing in production?

By far the most well tested way to install Pelias is to use Kubernetes. Kubernetes is perfect for managing systems that have many different components, like Pelias.

We would love to add additional, well tested ways to install Pelias in production. Reach out to us if you have something to share or want to get started.

Doing a full planet build?

Running Pelias for a city or small country is pretty easy. However, due to the amount of data involved, a full planet build is harder to pull off.

See our full planet build guide for some recommendations on how to make it easier and more performant.